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Playa Blanca

My wife booked me a holiday to Lanzarote! Thank you Maggie! I love Sheffield but it’s always nice to get out and go exploring. For those of you acclimated to US holiday/vacation culture, The Canary Islands are kind of like Florida to the majority of the USA. It’s relatively cheap and easy to get to and the weather is almost always going to bring the heat.

The highlight of the trip was definitely hiring a boat to take us to Lobos island. The seas were pretty choppy so we basically got a 2 for 1 deal in the way of an amusement park ride. Shout out to Hector, our skipper, who brought us to a cove hidden within the island of Lobos that has recently initiated restrictive measures to avoid overcrowding of the island. He helped us get around this and said “you are very lucky” because the tide was high enough for him to moor his boot while Maggie and I swam and snorkelled around the cove. During our return to Playa Blanca, we got to see the Martian-like volcanic landscape crawl off the cliffs and dive into the ocean; truly a sight for bold eyes.

Most mornings we found ourselves off on a jog around the island or cliff walking along the coast. As relaxing as Easter holiday weekend was, we had to make sure we were getting our exercise in seeing as the all-inclusive options put us in a gluttonous rage.

Friday: 21,500 steps

Saturday: 22,500 steps

Sunday: 18,000 steps

Monday: 25,000 steps

Lanzarote felt more family-friendly whereas Tenerife felt more like a party-island. From what we gather, Fuerteventura is the best Canary Island for their beaches and Gran Canarias is a mixture of everything. Looking forward to hopefully tackling all of them as we continue to explore and see as much of the world as possible. Very grateful to my wife for making this all possible and looking forward to getting back to work with our team in Sheffield!

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