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Best Food in Sheffield

Ever wonder how an American living in Sheffield feels about its cuisine? Look no further.

Best Italian Restaurant:

The ambiance is romantic enough for the perfect night out and it’s conveniently located in city centre. There “Ciccio” garlic bread is some of the best I’ve ever had—I have often contemplated going there just to fill my belly entirely with the stuff, not joking…

The “Filletto di manzo” is the best steak I’ve had in Sheffield. The service is spectacular and the staff are all very friendly. If you haven’t been, this is your calling cue.

Best Japanese Restaurant:

Super trendy vibes and great portions. The grilled chicken skewers as a starter cannot be missed and if you like seafood, I highly recommend the Sweet and Sour seabass. Very sweet but so heavenly it should come with a halo over the dish. If you’re not up for sweet and want something spicy, my wife went with the Korean Fried chicken which left her beyond content. They also offer the ever-popular Asahi beer which is a rare pilsner to find in Sheffield.

Oisoi Sweet and Sour Fish

Best Indian Restaurant:

Before coming to Sheffield, I was not big on Indian; I’m pretty much an expert now. There is so much flavour in Indian cuisine it’s often beyond belief. I grew up eating lamb and thought I hated it until I had some proper lamb at Lavang—Braised Lamb Shank Rogan. The meat falls apart in your mouth and there isn’t any gamey lamb taste at all. The honey naan was the best we’ve had. The garlic and mushroom rice was the best we’ve had. Wash it all down with a Cobra lager.

Before you jump out of your seat and tell us Ashoka is the best in Sheffield, make sure you try Lavang.

Best Burger:

The Taxi Driver from

Hard to find a good burger in Sheffield. Every pub you go in and ask what they recommend you’re met with “The burgers are quite nice!” As a privileged American I can tell you that we’re spoiled and the UK is vastly disenfranchised when it comes to the joys of a tasty cow sandwich. Most always the meat is dry and/or overcooked. GBK doesn’t disappoint.

Best Pizza:

We often hit up Peddler market and feel like we’ve been with Nether Edge since their humble beginnings. The Heely Hot can be made so hot that you’ll cry. You get to rate the spice out of ten and we stick with a 6 which is always HOT. Their pizza is wood-fired and the crust is thin. The ingredients always seem fresh. Never had a bad experience and the pizza is only £9. Runner up is Pizza Express—don’t hate on chains. When they get it right, they get it right.

Best Chinese Takeout:

Wok this Way in Walkley.

We used to live right by this place; they don’t even have a website. It looks like a hole in the wall but it’s incredible. They cook everything right in front of you. Wife usually gets a mushroom curry and I would get sweet and sour chicken balls with chicken fried rice. The Salt and Pepper chips are explosive with flavour—perfect after a night out.

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