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A reoccurring theme I’ve found to be personally beneficial throughout the journey has been risk-taking. When I find myself uncomfortable, I know I’m about to grow. Recently, I took a chance on two young Belgian filmmakers that I found through YouTube.

I will occasionally give a quick glance through the YouTube comment sections. Recently, I stumbled upon a comment made by YouTuber Sven Vee. I watched the first video on his page, was impressed and began wondering if there was mutual opportunity between us. I loved his ability to capture unique transitions and quick edits which give his films a modern feel that’s in-line with today’s (lack of) attention span.

After finding his e-mail, I reached out to gauge his level of interest in working with us. We Skyped, and I learned that this would be one of his first professional opportunities. We negotiated a fair deal for both parties and jumped into the project head-first. After our virtual introduction, flights for Sven and his brother Kevin were booked within 24 hours. Speed kills!

What Sven and his brother did for us is nothing short of impressive. I’m proud to know that they’ll be able to use this company profile video to showcase their abilities to other potential clients. There are incredibly creative and passionate people out there waiting for an opportunity. Sven made himself accessible. He had his e-mail address visible for me to fetch. He was quick to respond and we made all of this happen in under two weeks. The story he told is effective. This is how business should work!

Challenge: Engage someone on social and collaborate together. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Chances are that even if it's a bad experience, you'll learn. You'll grow.

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