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Keeping in touch with friends is something I’ve always been terrible at. Can you relate?

It’s bizarre because I’m more consistent at communicating with business acquaintances than those I’ve built deep, meaningful relationships with.

Sunday in Sheffield

At first glance, I’m probably guilty of taking advantage of those I know I can count on when I really need them most. But what of the adage, “to have a friend you need to be a friend?”

What’s even crazier is how rewarding it is to finally reconnect with old friends, even if it’s a quick chat via FaceTime or Skype. I need to become better at this, and I will. What’s so perplexing is the idea that the things we want most are the things we need to give away. In this case, it’s friendship, but it can also be money, loyalty, respect, etc. If you want to make a lot of money, try giving more away. If you want loyalty, be the most loyal person you know. If you want to be respected, morph yourself into the most respectful person in the room.

Don’t be afraid. The thing we fear most is the next thing we should do.

Challenge: get off this site and Facetime someone you love and haven’t chatted with in a while. But please come back soon!

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