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John Wilson Blades est. 1696

How do you handle the stress of tackling a challenge unbeknown to you? Last week I was faced with the gruelling task of looking at our manufacturing capacity and creating a solution to add blades quickly to our shelves. We’ve been fortunate enough to experience significant growth to the point where our current system can no longer satisfy the needs of our customers.

With a background in sociology, it’s safe to say I’m not the world’s foremost pioneer when it comes to lean manufacturing. I was stepping into the unknown and to be honest, I was panicking. What made this journey so fulfilling was the realization that I wasn’t tackling this alone. I had the support of my team who made sure the final plan we proposed to ownership was bulletproof.

The strategy we came up with was combed through by each one of my co-workers and ultimately sent to and approved by ownership. They were quick to point out how impressive the scope of work we had completed was and it’s easily been the highlight of the year.

You need to make your co-workers your biggest advocates. Life in the workplace becomes exponentially easier when you go out of your way to show them that you care about them and can add value to their life. Give them your time, attention, support and expect nothing in return. You’ll be inspiring leadership in your environment and spreading good-will.

Oh and one last thing…Don’t forget to smile!

Pinch away!

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