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Let’s face it, sometimes we need a pick-me-up.

To help spread the good word of positivity, I’ve put together my current top three influencers who currently inspire me. There are loads of material on each one of these individuals who can help power you through a moment, a day, a week or month.

Tony Robbins:

The original motivator. Tony has been pushing this positive agenda for years and has made a career out of it. To start, I highly recommend getting acclimated with him through his Netflix documentary, “I Am Not Your Guru.” While the documentary misses the mark in its objectivity and ability to pull back and thoroughly asses his approach, it provides some insights into the power of genuine optimism. His strategy to personal empowerment and growth can be applied universally—athletics, personal relationships and business. I'm currently reading his New York Times bestseller, Unshakeable, which is aimed to help people find financial success in turbulent times. The overarching thesis is that another crash is coming—be prepared and don’t make any irrational decisions as the markets will always recover (according to historical information).

Gary Vaynerchuk:

Gary V has harnessed the power and ability to document and inspire millions. His stock continues to rise. An early investor in Uber, Twitter, Facebook and Venmo, Gary has also built one of the most successful online wine businesses and continues to secure marketing/media business from Fortune 500 companies as he leads Vayner Media. Subscribe and follow this Titan as every episode promises to give you something to cherish and walk away with. Effort is the greatest equaliser, free is the gateway to paid, doing the right thing always wins, etc.

Simon Sinek:

Simon saw his initial burst on the scene a few months ago when his take on millennials in the workplace went viral.

His views on leadership and cooperation within the workplace have helped frame much of my ideology on what it takes to build successful culture. A successful culture to me means that employees feel safe, feel valued, are inspired and encouraged to take risks and look forward to coming to work each day and leave feeling satisfied. He takes a unique biological approach in his understanding of human behaviour which allows him to convey effective approaches and strategies to dealing with people. “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.”

Who inspires you? Why? Let me know. Love to all 😊

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