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E-mail marketing open rates are about 25%.

Banner ad click-throughs are about .5%

Where is the attention of your potential customer and how do you get there? Building awareness for your business/brand stems from targeting people’s attention and adding value to the consumer.

See this Twitter video I posted below as an example. This has been the brand’s most effective tweet based on impressions and engagements.

Analytics for this tweet:

Impressions: 427,059

Media views: 30,993

Total engagements:12,256

Followers for the brand: 2,896!

It was successful because we were present. Capitalizing on the timing of the event and using the relevant hashtag set this tweet up for greatness. This would not have been as effective if deployed on any other platform. What makes Twitter unique, is its ability to cover and capture real-time moments. The brands which are able to seize these moments and capitalize on people’s attention (those refreshing the relevant hashtag to stay on top of the event) are in the best position to succeed.

"Have someone that's deeply engrained in the culture be the one creating content."

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