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Culture of Innovation

I haven't been able to get this out of my head recently. The concept of changing culture and allowing your co-workers to explore their potential is bolstered by the environment they inhabit. If you close your eyes and envision a state of the art graphic design studio... Chances are you envisage a modern blend of hipster-style decor laden with obscure street art and candescent lighting. Maybe a Banksy or two?

Space should reflect a company's DNA. Google, Facebook, etc. No detail is left without thought; there is intent in every colour and brush stroke. The best companies create an environment which is welcoming and rewarding for the mind and the soul. In these environments, the greatest of leaders can be bred because ultimately they know that the company "cares."

I've often said and believe that the greatest marketing and sales strategy is just that; care. When a company cares, it listens. Not just glazed eyeballs and nodded heads. They listen to everything their employees say to the point that trust is built through execution of ideas.

Hiring smart people for the sake of hiring smart people is pointless. It only becomes beneficial to the corporation when the employee is put in a position to create change. Empowering employees to excel beyond their predispositions is good for the long term health of the company. Ultimately, the most successful companies build such strong leaders that it forces people at the top to continuously step their game up. This is a culture of innovation--young mavericks nipping at your heels and outdoing everyone around them. Steve Jobs said it best...

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