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Crowning a Champion

Nathan Chen is a name you need to know if you have respect for athleticism or sport. At 17 years old, Nathan became the first person in the world to land five quadruple jumps in a figure skating long program. To put this feat into context, I challenge anyone reading this to test their own rotational ability and simply attempt a 540 degree turn from a standstill. Simple right? Just one and a half revolutions. Nathan makes 1440 degrees of revolution look effortless. Quad Lutz, Quad Flip, Quad Toe, Quad Salchow. Sure, they're not half-cab quadruple backflips, backside triple corks, or even rodeo mctwisty shifty flippy dippity's. Figure skating elements don't have sexy nomenclature, but we can't allow this to reduce the validity of their greatness.

If sports media had any appreciation for athletic feats he would be the main story on every major outlet. Winning his first senior National title at 17 makes Nathan the youngest U.S. man to take home the bacon since the legendary Scott Hamilton in 1966. Nathan chooses to wear a product our team manufactures and seeing him achieve this monumental victory on our blades keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about the future.

It couldn't happen to a better young man. He's always extremely courteous, humble and greets anyone he meets with a smile. The results of his achievements stem from a long history of self motivation, ambition and persistence. It's easy to rally around a person like Nathan because of how humble and gracious he is. Thus, let's crank it up a notch and promote this phenom as he seeks to achieve a goal he dreamt of as a young boy.

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