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The daily grind is tough. It's easy to feel worn down and let negativity set in. One of the biggest deterrents in finding happiness is the constant societal pressure to "be better" - make more money, be in better shape, be smarter, be more likeable, etc. With such pressure, the focus on ourselves to be perfect in so many ways distracts us from the bigger picture. The big picture is to find happiness and learn how to share it willingly with others. This establishes a more positive world and a more enjoyable life.

Dogs make us happier because they take us outside of ourselves. These pressures become lost amongst a whirlwind of sloppy kisses and tail wagging. I'm convinced all dogs have a place in heaven. Why?

They define loyalty and unconditional love. Love is the cornerstone of nearly every major religion and is the only currency we should spend time accumulating or spending. If that happens to make us more money or causes us to lose weight or be smarter and more likeable along the way, then brilliant/bravo. Chances are, it will. Dogs spend and accumulate love regularly and don't bat an eye. No matter how bad of a day we've had, it's impossible for them not to act excited when we get home from the office or a long walk. Imagine if we treated our loved ones in the same manner. Why don't we? Shouldn't we?

A dog is a man's (woman's) best friend and has been for decades because they make humans happier. They unveil what we all desire on a humanitarian level - to do good and improve one another's lives. It doesn't take immense levels of effort to do this. It's easy to show genuine excitement when seeing a loved one or to fully engage in a conversation with a co-worker. It takes commitment, but certainly no more than that shown by our four-legged friends. If dogs can do it, so can we.

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